Medford Police Department
100 Main Street, Medford, Massachusetts USA 02155
Chief Leo A. Sacco, Jr.

"Quality Policing Through Community Involvement"

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Computer Crime Unit







Located at:

Medford Police Department

100 Main Street

Medford, MA 02155



General Office Number 781 396 0893

Emergencies                    781 395 1212


What is NEMLEC?


The North Eastern Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council (NEMLEC) is a consortium of 50 police chiefs representing law
enforcement agencies from communities in Middlesex and
Essex Counties located in Northeastern Massachusetts.

The Council is a non-profit corporation formed in accordance with Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 180 and operates under
 an interagency mutual aid and assistance (compact) agreement.

As part of the NEMLEC Compact Agreement, each member police chief commits the resources of their law enforcement agency
to assist other member agencies in an effort to increase and improve their capabilities to provide protection of life and property
thereby preserving the safety and welfare of the region.


NEMLEC’s Computer Crime Unit


NEMLEC has established a dedicated, fully functional, Computer Crime Unit (CCU) located at the Medford Police Department.


The CCU will provide forensic and investigative services to NEMLEC departments or any other law enforcement agency so
designated by the members of the executive board of NEMLEC.


Through established working groups and associations, the Computer Crime Unit will form strategic alliances with the
High Technology Private Sector in an effort assisting them on matters relating to Criminal Investigations, Computer
Forensics and Computer Crime Investigation Training. 


Mission Elements



How NEMLEC’s CCU Works


               I.      Did a crime occur?

CCU is available to help determine if a criminal offense has occurred within its jurisdiction.  Access to local county and
federal prosecutors as well as access to a national network of computer crime investigators, affords police departments
and victims the latest case law, crime trends, and cyber-crime technology information.


             II.      What if a crime did occur?

Utilizing safe and effective forensic protocols, CCU provides the private sector and law enforcement with expertise
and technical tools to gather, assess and produce critical electronic evidence in support of ongoing criminal investigations.


           III.      Assist in case preparation/prosecution.

The CCU’s ultimate goal is the successful investigation and prosecution of the offender.  Towards this end, the
CCU offers its technical expertise to local prosecutors, other NEMLEC police agencies and the private sector.         


           IV.      When Should You Call For Assistance?

As soon as possible!  Electronically stored evidence can be lost or overwritten during the normal use of a computer. 
The sooner that CCU is involved, the better the odds that the data or evidence can be recovered.


             V.      Protecting Trade Secrets/Confidentiality.

The CCU will maintain complete investigative confidentiality on sensitive investigations based on both Federal/State laws.



           VI.      What type of crime will the CCU investigate?

Crimes in which a computer, the Internet or other form of electronic communication was utilized, including but not limited to:


Additional Training & Projects


The CCU will provide a full range of computer crime investigation and computer crime forensic training to other
NEMLEC departments. This training will be conducted at our
Medford Police Department Academy and at the MA
Criminal Justice Training Council in
Reading, MA.


NEMLEC – CCU will be offering specialized training (basic & advanced) in the following areas:

Professional Memberships & Affiliations


National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C)


Information Systems Security Association (ISSA)


High Technology Crime Investigation Association (HTCIA)


International Association of Financial Crime Investigators (IAFCI)


High Tech Crime Cops (HTCC)


Information Systems Forensic Association (ISFA)






NEMLEC – CCU Joint Task Forces


The Medford Police Department’s Computer Crime Unit has direct membership in the following national and regional task forces:


Financial Organized Crime Task Force (FOCTF)


New England Electronic Crimes Task Force (NET)

(Inter-Agency Computer Lab/Investigative Unit)


Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force (ICAC)


Regional Electronic computer Crime Task Force (REACT)





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Notification Process


If a cyber-crime incident occurs, or if you have a question concerning a reported incident, call the Computer Crime Unit.


General Office Number     (781) 396-0893

Office Number/Lab Area    (781) 393-2136


After hours, emergency situations, please call the Medford Police 911 Center and they will page a CCU member:


Emergencies or Paging   (781) 395-1212


OIC – Detective Lt. John McLean, Medford PD

Sgt. Dan O'Connell, Winchester PD

Deputy Sheriff Tim McGibbon, MSO

Officer James Schwab, Belmont PD

Detective Stephen Krepelka, Arlington PD

AND  Other Assigned Detectives from NEMLEC


Medford Police Department

NEMLEC - Computer Crime Unit

100 Main Street

Medford, MA 02155



The NEMLEC Computer Crime Unit work hours are:

Monday to Thursday                8:30  A.M. to 6:00 P.M.

Fridays                            8:30 - 4:30 P.M.




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