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Medford/NEMLEC Computer Crime Unit Mission

Note: NEMLEC CCU Investigators - With Accounts - Please go to  HTTPS://NEMLEC.ORG
The Computer Crime Unit (CCU) is responsible for training police in computer crime investigations, providing community-based Internet Safety Training and to investigate all forms of crimes facilitated by the use of high technology (computers) within our jurisdictions. We also host the Computer Crime Investigation Unit for the
North Eastern Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council (NEMLEC).  NEMLEC is a consortium of 50 cities and towns in Northeastern Massachusetts that share police services and (2) two sheriffs departments (Middlesex/Essex).

Computer Crime Units/Services

Useful Information

CCU Detectives Main Telephones
781-396-0893, 781-393-2136

FAX Number 781-391-4638     

Here are some crimes the Computer Crime Unit Investigates or defers to other Police Departments, State & Federal Agencies. These crimes must have a nexus to computer technology and have a jurisdictional connection to Medford PD and/or one of the 50 NEMLEC Police Departments.

Personal Crimes

Property Crimes

National Protection

Financial Crimes

Cyber-Threats Cyber-Larceny Cyber-Theft of Government Secrets Online Credit Card Fraud
Cyber-Identity Theft Cyber-Fraud Online Economic Espionage Electronic Funds Trans. Fraud
Cyber-Harassment Cyber-Theft of Trade Secrets Cyber-Terrorist Activity Computer Desktop Forgery
Cyber-Violations R/Orders Cyber-Vandalism/Destruction Cyber-Threats to Gov. Officials Electronic Counterfeiting
Cyber-Stalking Cyber-Copyright Infringement Cyber Attacks to Critical Systems Online Auction Fraud
Computer Hacking Theft of Computer Services Online Criminal Disorder and Anarchy Corporate Identity Fraud
Possession/Dissemination Child Porn, Luring - Enticing Minors Internet Counterfeit Products/Labels Internet Bomb Making and Weapons of Mass Destruction Internet Scams