Medford Police Department
100 Main Street, Medford, Massachusetts USA 02155
Chief Leo A. Sacco, Jr.

"Quality Policing Through Community Involvement"

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Emergency/Alert Information

Please read the following alerts/notices of ongoing crime and safety concerns.

  • ALERT:
    • Be aware of a new scam - Rather an old scam resurfacing. You get a call from a number in the middle of the night. It only rings a couple of times. Concerned that a loved one is in trouble and needed to borrow someone's phone to call, you call back the number in the 268 area code, only to get a recorded message that lures you into staying on the line. When you get your next phone bill, it contains a charge for hundreds of dollars for the call.
  • ALERT: Stealing UPS/FED EX packages delivered to homes/businesses - including fraudulent signing for items.
  • ALERT: Breaking and Entering into M/V while Shopping (especially on the holidays)
    • While you are shopping thieves will break into your motor vehicle and steal your holidays gifts and GPSystems. Cover these items, put them into trunks and ensure your car is locked and activate the alarm.
  • ALERT: Terrorism Watch!
    • WHERE/WHO: All of USA and all AMERICANS
    • WHAT TO DO: Go to Terrorism Page and please help us to:
      • DETER/DETECT/PREVENT TERRORISM - by reporting suspicious activity that might be directed at targets of opportunity in Medford. Unexplained and unusual person (s) suspiciously placing objects/plotting/sketching and hiding near: bridges, key highways/routes/intersections, gas lines, main water ducts, near tall buildings, chemical facilities, oil tanks/trucks, Government facilities, railroad tracks/bridges and/or any other location where a bomb or chemical attack could present itself.
      • The POLICE do not want to OVER-REACT, but instead we want to be PREPARED - "better safe than sorry".
  • ALERT: Sex Offenders - Come by the stations to view information about sex offenders in your area or go online to the Sex Offender Registry Board.
  • ALERT: Internet Scams - "too good to be true" and "you pay upfront scams" exercise extreme caution when responding to Internet offers and scams.
    • Do not go off line for direct auction purchases - where the buyer/seller request a non PAYPAL process and wants money transferred to him. Be carefull!
  • ALERT: Fraud (Click Here)
  • ALERT: Recent Handbag Thefts/Usually Taken From Shopping Karts
    • WHEN: All times, during store operations
    • WHAT TO DO: Keep your handbag on your person, do not leave it unattended, keep an eye out for your handbag and be aware that some offenders do a "bump & grab" for your handbag. 
  • ALERT: Construction/Driveway Paving SCAMS
    • Over the years, a group of offenders target the elderly and other vulnerable persons with DISCOUNTED driveway/sidewalk paving. They may ask for a retainer of money and pledge to return to either start or complete the job. What happens is either no work is performed or poor/unacceptable work is partially done.