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School Threat Assessment and Response System (STARS)
What is STARS STARS Resources NEMLEC

NEMLECThe North Eastern Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council (NEMLEC) and regional school officials have come together to help ensure safe and secure
school environments that are conducive to school based learning.
Medford has a comprehensive plan and has participation in the School Threat Assessment and Response
Program (STARS) through NEMELC.
School Threat Assessment and Response System (STARS) is a comprehensive program to prepare, assess, respond, and
strive to prevent threats of violence in our schools through mobilizing regional resources that recognize the individual uniqueness and integrity of
each community.
This multi-tiered assessment and response system is designed to provide local officials access to specialized resources developed through a collaborative
effort. Utilizing the STARS System Protocol, incidents and threats are addressed through response classifications involving varying degrees of consultation, readiness, and
 intervention. Once STARS is initiated, local response are augmented by NEMLEC's regionally coordinated resources including access to personnel and experts with
specialized skills, planning and training opportunities, communications systems, equipment and advanced technologies, and protocols for program and technique
As with all NEMLEC programs and initiatives, the School Threat Assessment and Response System provides a mechanism to ensure communication, coordination, and
interaction between member agencies in an efficient and cost effective manner. This is done with a focus on the need to maintain control at the community level.
ResourcesThe STARS program makes certain resources available to member communities. At this time in the program's development these resources include the following.  
bullet STARS Response Team Made available through the NEMLEC Regional Response Team (RRT), STARS Teams made up of both law enforcement and school personnel who have received specialized training and experience in the assessment of threats of violence in school facilities will assist local police and school officials determining the seriousness of threats and make recommendations for appropriate responses.
bullet Bomb Detection Canine Made available through the NRMLRC Regional Response Team (RRT) in partnership with the Federal Bureau of Alcohol and Firearms (ATF), an ATF trained explosive device detection canine and law enforcement handler is available to local police and school officials.
bullet Equipment and Technology Pilot Testing and EvaluationAs a component of the STARS program, pilot testing and evaluation of various types of equipment and advanced technologies will occur in selected schools and school systems from NEMLEC member communities.
Additional STARS program resources currently under development include: