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Firearms/Guns/Mace Permits/Finger Prints

NOTE NEW GUN PERMIT PROCEDURE - Please Note -for GUN PERMITS please call 781-393-4769 ONLY our firearms licensing Detective @ Medford PD .We will no longer accept "DROPPED OFF APPLICATIONS" or RANDOM WALK-INS - You must make an appointment.

All the information you need about applying for a permit and the process involved is answered on this and the FRB WEB pages (below). The state legislature made sweeping and extensive changes to the commonwealth’s gun laws in 1998. The laws are multi-faceted and complex, and this web page is offered for informational purposes and as general guidance about some of these laws only. If you have a specific legal issue regarding the ownership, possession or transportation of firearms, as well as your eligibility (or lack thereof) for the various types of firearms licenses, you are advised to speak to a lawyer for a qualified legal opinion. Note: On the State application it states to have two photographs. Medford PD will take the photographs for licenses that we issue.

Important Note: IF YOU HAVE THE OLD VERSION OF THE FID CARD, (issued prior to 1998) it is expired, despite the fact it says on it that it never expires. There is no exception for the possession of any firearms, rifles or shotguns under an expired FID card. Do not carry or transport any arms out of your home under any circumstances. We would advise you to secure any weapons with a properly licensed friend, relative or dealer until such time as you obtain the proper permit.

The Medford Police Firearms Licensing Section,  issues firearms permits to Medford Residents, pursuant to MGL Chapter 140.

Steps to Follow in Applying for a License:

  1. The first step in the process is returning a completed application, with a check made out to the City of Medford in the amount of $100.00. Note: Restricted FID cards for Mace/Pepper Spray is $25.00. Click here for the site to obtain the application form. NOTE NEW GUN PERMIT PROCEDURE GUN PERMITS please call 781-393-4769 ONLY our firearms licensing Detective @Medford PD. We will no longer accept "DROPPED OFF APPLICATIONS" or RANDOM WALK-INS - You must make an appointment.

  2. The next step is to take an approved Firearms Safety Course that is approved by the State Police. This is required by state law for all new issue permits after June 1,1998. Check at your local gun club or to find a certified training program. A background check of criminal and other histories is run, and a set of the applicants’ fingerprints must be sent to the state police. All applications are sent through central processing and certified by the Colonel of the State Police, so we have no control over the amount of time this takes. It could be as long as a few months depending on their workload.

  3. The next step (after steps 1&2 are completed), is a person from the Firearms Licensing Section will contact you for an appointment. Please do not call about the status of your application, we sill contact you.


Types of Permits:

  1. Firearms Identification Card (FID) allows the holder to purchase, possess and transport non-large capacity rifles and shotguns. It also allows a handgun to be kept in the home or place of business only if the handgun was purchased with a Permit to Purchase. It does not permit, under any circumstances, the carrying or transport of a handgun in public by the FID holder. The FID card is a "shall-issue" permit; the issuing authority is required to issue unless there is a disqualification. A License to Carry is a "discretionary issue" permit, with part of the criteria being the issuing authority’s determination that the applicant is a "suitable person." The chief also has the authority to impose any restrictions he deems proper on the terms of the license. Note: For new residents renewing a License to Carry originally issued by another agency, the Chief requires proof of approved training at the time of application in Medford. This is even if your original permit was issued prior June 1, 1998.

  2. Class A License to Carry allows the holder to purchase, possess and transport Large Capacity Handguns, Rifles and Shotguns, as well as their respective large capacity loading devices; It further allows the bearer to carry a loaded, concealed handgun in public. This is the only permit that allows the holder to carry a loaded, concealed firearm in public.

  3. Class B License to Carry allows the holder to purchase, possess and transport non-large capacity handguns, and large capacity rifles, shotguns and their respective large capacity loading devices. It does grant the bearer a limited right to carry a non-large capacity handgun, but the holder may not carry a loaded concealed handgun in a public place. For example, a security guard could carry an exposed, loaded non-large capacity handgun. Also, if transporting the firearm in a vehicle, it must be unloaded and in a locked case or trunk. [Pursuant to Massachusetts law, regardless of the type of permit held, if transporting a rifle or shotgun on a public way, said long arm must be unloaded (including any magazines for such) and in a case, unless involved in hunting, with a valid hunting license. Note: Veterans groups, while carrying unloaded rifles for ceremonial purposes, are exempt from this statute].

  4. Restricted Firearms Identification Card allows the holder to possess and carry aerosol incapacitating spray such as Mace and Pepper Spray. Note: This restricted FID card is exempt from the firearms training requirement. No firearms, rifles or shotguns may be purchased or possessed with the restricted FID. Also, restricted FID cards for Mace/Pepper Spray are $25.00.


All of the above permits are valid for at least 5, but no more than 6 years, expiring on your birthday. Important Note: There is a 90-day "grace period" on expired licenses to carry.


The term "Large Capacity" means a semi-automatic rifle or shotgun, with a fixed or detachable feeding device (whether a magazine or rotating drum or cylinder) capable of or readily modifiable to accept over 10 rounds or ammunition in a handgun or rifle, or five shells in a shotgun. It does not include any weapon operated by a manual slide, bolt or pump mechanism. The state has created a roster of Large Capacity Weapons. Note that any weapon that meets the above definition is still considered a large capacity, even if it’s not on the list.



A resident alien may apply to the State Police for an alien permit to possess a non-large capacity rifle or shotgun. There is no provision for an alien to lawfully possess any handgun or large capacity rifle or shotgun. This permit is valid for one year, cost is $100.00 and it expires at Midnight December 31st.


Persons who are not residents of the Commonwealth may apply directly to the state police for a non-resident license to carry firearms. This permit is valid for one year.

Safe Storage Law

Keep your guns locked up! Under Chapter 140 section 131L, all weapons, when not under the direct control of the owner, MUST be either kept secured in a locked container, or equipped with a "tamper-resistant safety device" that makes the gun inaccessible to anyone but the owner. Failure to comply with this carries severe monetary fines, and prison time, up to ten years in certain instances, as well as specifically assigning criminal liability to the weapons owner if it is used in injuring or killing someone.

Change of Address

If you hold a License to Carry Firearms or a Firearms Identification Card, you are required to make several notifications if you move. You must send written notification (registered mail is suggested) to: Chief Issuing FID/LTC and new the Chief for the city you are moving to and the FRB in Chelsea.


General Laws of Massachusetts

FID Issue: Chapter 140 Section 129

LTC Issue: Chapter 140 Section 131

Alien Permit: Chapter 140 Section 131H

Secure Storage: Chapter 140 Section 131L

Criminal History Systems Board, Firearms Records Bureau

To download the applications for FID/LTC, the new link is:

Gun Owners Action League of Massachusetts

National Rifle Association


  • As a service to Medford Residents/Tufts Students - that are Medford Residents only, MPD will provide fingerprinting...

  • on Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. at a ...

  • cost of $5.00 per card (Cash, Personal Check and/or Money Order Only)

  • Note: These fingerprints are no longer taken for Immigration purposes.

  • This is a walk-in service and it does not apply to Gun permits or F. I. D's. For Gun PERMITS/FID's you have to make appointments for these.

  • Call if you have any fingerprint questions 781-391-6772